Refresh Your Home’s Interior


Heather’s Hints: Spend these Cool Spring Nights Making Plans to Refresh Your Home’s Interior

1. Small Spaces: A small space doesn’t have to feel that way. Bright spring colors, clean uncluttered lines and modern amenities can make old rooms and small spaces feel larger and more open. Rethink scale, proportion, furniture arrangements and color choices when working in a tight spot. One small change can make a big impact.

2. Old vs. New: Modern elements can marry
seamlessly with antique pieces if there is a common thread.
The Townsends used old wood to make a modern computer station and an antique frame to hide a contemporary television. Think of new ways to use old things.

3. All Hands on Deck: Renovations
can be a great opportunity to involve your children and get them interested in hands-on projects. When it comes to DIY, find ways to get the whole family involved and teach your kids the tools of the trade along the way. You may just spark an interest in their young hearts that will stay with them for years to come.

4. An Attitude of Gratitude: The more involved
we are in a project, the more we tend to appreciate the
investment. If your default mode is to always call the repairman, make it your mission to learn something new and invest energy into preserving things yourself. Having a curious and teachable spirit will carry you far!

5. “Lynchburg Living:” Our community is so rich with history. Learn more about that history and the people in it by visiting the Jones Memorial Library, the Lynchburg Historical Foundation and (Hint: Check out our back page on 146 for some more local history and resources!)


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